Posted on December 22, 2016  

BMX Bike - Old School Unisex Children for $ 2500

BMX Bike - Old School  Unisex Children for 


Here i have an ORIGINAL STING-RAY APPLE KRATE FULLY RESTORED WITH ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ORIGINAL PARTS, BOLTS, PAINT, AND EVERYTHING Else that came with the bike. The ONLY thing that isnt original on this bike, happens to be the tires & chains, and the original tires i didnt throw away, ive kept them just in case the buyer would like to keep them for value sake.I will gladly ship the original tires with this bike. The NEW tires however, are not some run of the mill tires. These tires were shipped PERSONALLY by Schwinn of Chicago SPECIFICALLY FOR THIS BIKE!!! Schwinn tires are measured differently, therefore, if an aftermarket tire is installed on a schwinn, it will be a "fitting" issue as all Schwinn tires are fitted with an "S" before the size specifications for the tires. Everything from the seat, to the bolts, to the brake line, are all original parts.

I am open to all offers, but please no lowballers please, i paid a nice penny to keep all of the original items intact while restoring this bike (THE PAINT WAS NOT TAMPERED WITH AT ALL DURING RESTORATION, only the chrome, the paint was simply cleaned), from the bolts to the gear shifter, to the brake line, everything is original with the exception of the tires, which are genuine Schwinn tires that i replaced the old ones with. There are some scratches on the paint (to be expected with the age of this bike), some rust pits that were addressed, but still reside, but all in all, the best "original" restored bike you will find

The lock thats on the bike, has been there since i purchased the bike and i didnt remove it because it gives it character. If the purchaser would like to remove by all means, but i dont want to compromise the character of the bike. A very unique bike, made here in the U.S, with great craftsmanship, the new owner/collector of this bike will appreciate this newly restored antique.

AGAIN, THIS BIKE IS NOT located in NYC, it is located 90 minutes outside in the Pocono Mountains.

Seatpost: Schwinn
Saddle: Schwinn Banana
Stem: Schwinn
Handlebars: Schwinn Chopper/Ape
Headset: Schwinn
Brake Levers: Schwinn w/ Plastic Red Sparkle Grips
Brake Calipers: Schwinn
Shifters: Schwinn Stik Shift
Rear Derailleur: Schwinn 5 Spd
Crankset: Schwinn Mag
Pedals: Schwinn Platform
Wheels: Schwinn Bolt On Hubs Laced to 20" Schwinn Rims
Freewheel: Schwinn 5 Spd


Seat Tube: 13"
Top Tube: 17"
Standover Height: 24"
Bike Weight: 45.5 lbs
Asking Price
$ 2500
Used Condition
Very Good conditon
BMX Bike - Old School
Unisex Children
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dee ward