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Urban Bike - Fixed Gear 26 Unisex Adult for $ 99

Urban Bike - Fixed Gear 26 Unisex Adult for 


This is an single gear bike.

One advantage is that there are two types of single gears on both sides of the rear wheel.

The current gear chain is a single gear that everyone thinks. I can move the bicycle in front of the pedal and turn back.

The opposite part of the single gear, of course, when you turn the pedal forward, and when you turn or turn the gear is not the same power as a regular bicycle. It is easy to say that one gear is Regular gear.

The lock we provide is Kryptonite KryptoLok. It is about $ 50 on the market. Two keys.
Lock the rear wheels and frame parts together (risk of losing because of a single gear) and fill it with the front wheels with cable lock
You can tie all of the rear wheels to the front wheels, which is quite safe for lcok.

A brake is set on the front wheel. For your safety!

And there are many types and sizes of tools that I bought while maintaining that bike.
It is a lot of tools to disassemble and assemble the bike. If you buy, I will give you for free.

It is equipped with a pedal that can be fixed to the sneakers. It is necessary for single gear.

The disadvantage is the life scratch, scratches on the saddle, and the hand part of the white hand taping.

Handle tapes are available at reasonable prices.

The weight is not a lightweight.
It is the weight which can carry with one hand. I go up and down the stairs on the 5th floor.

Actual size with small tolerance - Frame diagonal length 39 "
Saddle end ~ handlebar length 31 "
Saddle length 10 "
Height 22 "(flexible according to saddle length adjustment)
Tire or frame diameter 26 "

Another attraction of this bike is that you can customize it like the photo I uploaded.
The rim of the wheel is white, but it is really pretty if you change it to orange or other color.
Tire color, saddle color or handle tape gives a different feeling a lot.

Anyway, I will give you $ 99 for the total.

Please leave a message at 646-844-5208
Pick up at Manhattan 216W 100TH ST.
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$ 99
Used Condition
Good condition
Urban Bike - Fixed Gear
Unisex Adult
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Upper West Side

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