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Electric Bike for

Electric Bike   for


High Quality, Unique and Purpose Built, The Electric Fat Tire Bike, exclusively by Equalizer.

Our Name: Equalizer - noun - any conveyance that can create or give advantage to the user, to make equal the tool to the task, to level the odds or give one an advantage.

Our electric bike frame is engineered from the start with integrated battery placement & elegant curves to give it both grace and balance. "Monster" sized tires and the largest - heaviest duty motor available make it a real work horse. This is not your Grand Ma's electric bike. Bolt on a rack and add some saddle bags and start enjoying those errands in the fresh air. Run groceries from the corner store, or supplies to your hunting lodge. From the beach to the mountains and everywhere in between, you can get as much exercise as you wish and still get any where you want fresh and relaxed. Lower your stress level and go for an enjoyable scenic ride. Camping trips, picnics, anything, see life in a new way, relaxed from the saddle of your very own Equalizer Electric Bicycle. Enjoy the smells of open fields as you glide down the road. The Equalizer Electric Fat Tire Bike with it's 4 inch wide tires can make any trail a possibility for adventure.

Equalizer Electric Bicycles is committed to the highest quality product line possible.

The newest technology, the best components, the highest capacities - we strive to make our entire line of electric / human powered hybrid bikes the best available anywhere.

SHORT LIST to compare our bikes to all others:

Custom Electric 6061Alloy Frame - Integrated Battery Placement - Long Wheel Base
500W Brushless Heavy Duty Rear Hub Motor with Super High Torque Gear Drive
Samsung Li 48Volt 15Amp Hour Battery - 3 year warranty
Advanced Center Console Display: LCD with speed, range, battery capacity, back lite with headlight control
Advanced Power Management System with Programmable modes
Shimano Acera 7 Speed Components

Let an Equalizer Electric Bicycle put the advantages in your favor.
1) An Equalizer Electric Bicycle uses only $0.01 of electricity to go 5 miles.
2) Our battery packs will recharge over 1000 times - giving them an expected life of over 70,000 miles.
3) We warranty our bikes for a full year from date of purchase & 3 years warranty on the battery.

Equalizer Electric Bicycles is making these incredible bicycles available to the general public for a limited time only as we build our local dealership network.

Our Next shipment of Electric Fat Tire Bikes is due in very soon.
We are accepting Pre- Arrival Payments (Deposits OR Full Payment) on the incoming bicycles.
Reserve Yours NOW!!
All general inventory is first come first served.
They are not going to last long.
More than half are already spoken for.
Get the BEST - Get Yourself an Equalizer!!

Savings Code :Key1FTB

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